Yarnographic Friday

A dream come true! Yarn growing on vines in my back yard! Can it be?! How colorful! Just look at the beautiful shades of blue in this yarn!

Here is Gedifra Distrato in all her blue glory and textural wonder!

This softly fuzzy fiber is made in Italy of 50/50 cotton/polimide and is so soft to the touch.

It would be lovely as part of a blanket when carried with another strand. I keep thinking of this scrumptious patchwork blanket that I'm tempted to begin. However, I did promise Max that we would complete the World Ghan before starting another project...and I do have those two sweaters to finish! Oh my! Sooo much knitting that I want to do! What would you make with this soft-soft yarn?

With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have it and use it. ---Aristotle


Beth said...

It's a beautiful blue! What would I make with it? I'd probably make a scarf or wristwarmers. Have fun working with it!

Teena said...

I wish!! :)

Hi! I'm here via Blog Fodder :)

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely color! Nice blue! Cool yarn too! Too bad it has to wait a bit to be knit..(urgh I know how that feels LOL!)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful yarn - gorgeous color! I'd probably knit a scarf with it, but a blanket would be so nice. Your world-ghan is amazing!