George Wier

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What's an Austin boy (transplanted from deep East Texas, can you say Amen?) supposed to do when he finds himself deep inside a maximum security prison in Huntsville, Texas in an interview room with a kid who is facing one turned-down appeal after another before they put a series of needles into his arm that will finally do what no amount of legal deterrence could do before--stop him for good? What's he supposed to do when this kid nonchalantly drops a little tidbit of information that he shouldn't know, couldn't know unless what he says is true? And it's information that may very well bring down a Governor. Bring him down, that is, only if someone like me is willing to push it.
The powerful, and long, first sentence packs quite a wallop as part of an information laden initial paragraph. The gritty opening gave me pause, but of course I was pulled in by curiosity about the governor.  Despite the toughness of the opening, this writer adds just enough Texas humor to elicit chuckles and smiles from the reader.

Would you keep reading? Why or why not?

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p. 71:  I parked down the block and fed a couple of quarters into a parking meter. The meter maids were trained to take no prisoners.

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Liebster Award

Thanks so much to Funky Mom for the delightful Leibster button!! What a lovely surprise!! The Leibster Award is a way to show that we value and appreciate other bloggers. What a lovely thing to do! Be sure to visit her at

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Here are my responses:

1. Name a place you have visited or would love to visit that is a great inspiration to you.
My visit to Tuscany was very memorable and emotional because of family connections. I treasure  the time I spent there with my sister. The natural light amazed me. It was like a golden haze enveloping the atmosphere in a way I had never seen.

2. Finish this sentence: I create because .......... I can. It's what I do!

3. Tell us something interesting about where you live.
I live in the simply beautiful state of Colorado where the temperate climate and sunny days bless us. The majestic Rocky Mountains cut through the state creating an arid climate to the East and a verdant, lush area to the West. Denver is an exciting city with plenty of activities in sports, the arts, and shopping. Other Colorado cities that I enjoy are Loveland, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Steamboat Springs. Have you ever been to our fair state?

4. What are you reading right now?
I always have two or three books going. At the moment, I am reading It's Classified by Nicole Wallace, Farewell, Dorothy Parker by Ellen Meister, and The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin.

5. Finish this sentence: I couldn't live without........... love. The love of God, from my husband and family, and my friends truly sustains and blesses me every day.

6. What do you like to do for laughs?
I like to spend time with my two sons and all the grands for real fun!  :)  I wish I could spend more time with my daughter.

7. Finish this sentence: I can't wait until someone invents a ............... robot to clean up after my cutie Boxer, Lailah. Enough said.

8. What do you love to cook?
My own recipes, for example, a nice piece of pork with thyme, sage, rosemary, mustard, olive oil, ...well, you get the idea!

9. Most fun you've ever had?
I hope it hasn't happened yet!

10. What do you look for in a friend?
Common interests, kindness, compassion, confidence.

11. Do you ever hand write letters and send them off in the mail?
Not any more. I did enjoy "pen pals" in the dim and distant past!

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Cotton and Linen Afghan

I'm still working on this cotton/linen neutral ghan that I first mentioned here. Some of the squares are put together in strips now. I decided to use a cream color Rowan summer tweed that has been in my stash for a few years to add a final round to each square and slip stitch them together.
The horizontal strips are not stitched together. I can see more dark shades clustered on the left side, so I'm going to try to manipulate those to balance the neutral shades. I started with dusty pink and blue for the centers, but decided to add a peapod green center every here and there. You know, just for kicks! ;)

Are you working on a project?


The Aviator's Wife

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'Welcome back, sir.' The Great Aviatrix saluted my husband and flashed her toothy grin.'
This fictionalized account of Anne Morrow Lindbergh is fact-based and somewhat disturbing to me at 89 pages into the book. At this point, I find "Lucky Lindy" to be an unlikable man. Ann seems to be making all the wrong choices regarding this man. I hope things improve as the story unwinds, however the foreshadowing does not bode well.
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Every Tuesday is First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where we share the first paragraph or two of a book we are reading or thinking about reading soon.  Care to join us? Feel free to grab the image and link your post.

He is flying.
Is this how I will remember him? As I watch him lying vanquished, defeated by the one thing he could not outmaneuver, I understand that I will have to choose my memories carefully now. There are simply too many. Faded newspaper articles, more medals and trophies than I know what to do with, his accomplishments; schools and institutions proudly bearing his name. 
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The Chaperone

The Chaperone  The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty

This is a marvelous fictional account of the life of the chaperone, Cora, who accompanied teen-aged Louise Brooks from Kansas to New York City for one summer in 1922.  Cora's story from the age of three to her death is one of flexibility amidst great and shocking change. Her strength and adaptability is the heart of this riveting story, a true gem that I greatly enjoyed.

What have you read lately?

Neutrals are Nice

Visit Tami's Amis for lots of great project ideas!

The squares in neutral colors are stacking up. Some have blue centers, some pink, all have three rounds of neutral.
 I have ordered peapod green CotLin from Knit Picks for the edging and borders. Hope it isn't too bright! I wanted a light sage, but didn't see it on the shade charts. (Fingers crossed!)
 This cotton/linen blend is nice to work with. I don't know how well it will hold up, but I'll find out! Thinking I might keep this one, though it could end up going to my son in Florida.
Have you used CoLin? What did you think of it?


Cozy Reading

"Nothing like curling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and your kitty on a lazy weekend."

Do you enjoy cozy mysteries? There are times when I am in the mood for a cozy read and look to the "Cozy Chicks" for some of the best stories.


Of Queen Victoria

Becoming QueenBecoming Queen by Kate Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While the narrative held my interest, it is straight, well-documented history. Perhaps I missed the "novelistic flair"? It took me a while to get through it due to its textbook tone. If you enjoy history, particularly the childhood and young adult life of Queen Victoria, this might be the book for you.

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