Charting the Whirled

To mama k: I am so pleased that you asked about the pattern for the World Ghan!! I got the charts out to photograph and discovered there are only four strips to this ghan rather than the five I thought were needed!! So....thank you-thank you, mama k!!!

As you might note, the charts show coloration for every country---whew!! Well, I decided to make it by continents rather than countries--much easier! So, at the moment, I am working on the southern tip of Greenland which means I'll soon be to chart #3!!

Presenting the colors of the world--in a basket, no less! The burgundy is smashed down between the orange and red. The last of the yellow has been used to complete Canada.
The pattern originally was in Vogue Knitting, Fall, 2002. I have previously blogged about this effort somewhere in the archives.
There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.---Marshall McLuhan, 1964


Beth said...

Thinking about knitting each country in a different color makes my head hurt. :) I think you made a wise choice since country boundaries change.

Jenni said...

Cool! Vogue really has interesting knits. I really need to subscribe to that one.

Shelley said...

Yellow for Canada...they should have made us red & white, ;o) LOL!