Simple Scarf WIP

See that itty-bitty ball of yarn? That is what will soon make my WIP become an FO! In a matter of mere minutes, this scarf will become an actual Christmas gift! The simple pattern is a dream as is the Malabrigo yarn! Details about this scarf are posted here.

What is your current WIP?

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The House of Velvet and Glass

It is Tuesday and time for a teaser from one of my current reads, The House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Howe.

page 241: "Sibyl glanced back at the medium's face and saw that she knew what Sibyl had been looking for, and did not judge her."

This luscious, atmospheric novel is set in mid-19th century just after the sinking of the Titanic. I am savoring this read and recommend it to those  who enjoy historical fiction with the mysticism of that era.

What are you reading?

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Flat Scottie

(Check the side bar for Wednesday links.) The cute Scottie dog that I saw at this blog triggered thoughts of a fabric patchwork Scottie that belonged to my late son-in-law. His first grandchild will be born in April, my first great-grand! So I decided to crochet a Scottie for this dear little one in memory of the grandfather that the baby will never know.
I have adapted the pattern, as I tend to do. Using scrap yarn from stash, I made the strips of dc--10 sts wide and 10 rows high changing color to create the patches. I determined the number of patches per strip by counting the patches in the original Scottie blog post and changed the number for my purposes. Then, I whip stitched the strips together to make the front and back.

 Next, I will make white squares to add width around the dog shape, stitch them in place, and stuff the Scottie. I hope this comes together as I am envisioning it! The colors are gender neutral. While not in love with the colors, I do feel good about using stash!


Recently I've had the urge to make a cowl which, of course, means hours upon hours of browsing patterns on blogs, Ravelry, Pinterest, and Google. What a wonderful cyber world of possibilities! This blog post caught my attention. It is so inspiring that I want to share it, just in case someone else is nursing cowl cravings.


WWW Wednesdays

To play along, just answer the following three questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?
What are you currently reading? I am reading 43* :When Gore Beat Bush; A Political Fable by Jeff Greenfield. It is not a full novel and is offered only as an ebook for $1.99.
 What did you recently finish reading?   Miss Zukas and the Library Murders by Jo Dereske, a new-to-me series. I enjoyed this book immensely and plan to read through the titles in this series.
What do you think you’ll read next? I think I will read The House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Howe.
Miss Zukas and the Library Murders (A Miss Zukas Mystery #1)     The House of Velvet and Glass

43* When Gore Beat Bush;A Political Fable

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• Share the title & author

Jeff Greenfield has written a "political fable" as an alternate history, that is, let's say that the mother of Elian Gonzalez had not drowned in her attempt to leave Cuba. How would that single event affect the Presidential election of that time? Fascinating. 

This is not a full length novel, but a $1.99 e-book.

p. 83 "And that was the perfect storm in which the Gore administration found itself all through the next months. On a weekly, if not daily basis, fresh news reports offered damning--if unverifiable--testimony from defectors from the Iraqi military of ambitious weapons programs and terrorism training."

Here is the link to an interview with the author:

What are you reading?


Almost an Owl

 Although this may appear to be a ball wearing a helmet with antennae, it is almost an owl!! I am making a set of three owls for a granddaughter with a November birthday. I guess making the owl baby hats finally has gotten me into an owl-making mode, although I plan to stop after I finish this set. You can find the pattern for the three sizes here. I am tweaking the pattern here and there as well as adding little embellishments.
This is the one I have finished, which is the largest of the three.

Meanwhile, I am fast becoming a major pinhead! I am always late to the party. I don't jump into things; I am in the older--read, Boomer--demographic; I am cautious. Then, I either dismiss things or jump in completely jump! Pinterest? I'm in! What a great way to keep track of things I want to remember! Fab-ah-luss!! Come follow me! I'd love it!

What is your WIP??