Saturday Sky

This rather bewitching Saturday sky pic shows just how gloomy it is here today.

The finishing touches have been completed on the hats for the Dulaan project. I added a filigree brass heart button to each along with flimsy tassels. I think I'll bulk up those tassels in the future! These projects are my easy knits to do while I'm reading.

To Beth: Max appreciates your vote of confidence.

To Rona: I have mailed in my ballot in the past and feel inclined to do that in the future. It took 1.5 hours to vote, which I discovered wasn't much compared to the three and four hour waits in other parts of the state.

Wishing a blessed Sunday to all!

Knitting is learnt by doing, not by thinking, and it is far better understood with the fingers than with the head. ---Montse Stanley