This "Ramblin' Rows" baby blanket is for my neighbors whose first child will be born at the end of August. Since we know they will be blessed with a precious daughter, pink is the main color of this blanket. Making this, my first Ramblin' Rows, is such fun! I enjoy the color changes and the variety of shapes. It consists of rectangles, large squares, and small squares in garter stitch. Since I'm not a fan of garter, I thought once or thrice about making this pattern. However, it is amazing what a few well placed decreases can do!

This view shows the detail a little better along with the five colors. I am using worsted weight yarn and size eight needles. If you're interested in the pattern, Google Ramblin Rows to locate a place where you can order it. The booklet includes sizes for a lapghan and a full size afghan in addition to the baby ghan.

O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord. You hem me in-- behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. ---Psalm 139:1-6


It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Saturday Sky

In my bookishness, here are my July reads for the Summer Read-Along. (See button at right.)

A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler tells the tale of a son who breaks with his family's expectations that he will follow tradition and work in the family bank, seek materialistic goals, and live a "mapped" life. He finds personal fulfillment in a simple life of physical labor and deep relationships. As always with Tyler, this is a flowing engaging read.

The Guardian Angel by Mindy Friddle is a satisfying, yet heart-wrenching story of a young woman's fight to keep her family's sagging home. Interwoven with family relationships, the saga leads her to find redemption by redeeming another. Quite a story.

Split Second by David Baldacci and Second Time Around by Mary Higgins Clark are your basic mystery/suspense stories. Not my favorite genre, but OK...I guess.


Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.

--- e. e. cummings


Saturday Sky Traveling

My Saturday sky photo was taken on July 21 in Dallas. It was an overcast, but very hot and humid day. Looking at the postings of Saturday skies is a unifying experience and a lovely way to indicate our connectedness. Thanks to the originator of this idea. Her button is in the panel to the right.

Beautiful flowering shrubs in Texas.

Oklahoma Sky

Home in beautiful Colorado!

At Coors Field in Denver --- Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals

The scoreboard tells the sad tale of the 6-1 loss to the Cards.Yes, there was knitting! That's coming up in the next post! :)


Wisdom begins in wonder. --Socrates



The simplicity of this...

Led me to buy this...

And, Max approves!

This I know: God is on my side. O God, I praise your word. Yes, Lord, I praise your word.
--- Psalm 56:9-11


Wobbly Snake

When I suddenly realized that I don't have a secret pet snake to wear the snake sweater, I decided to use it for the sides, bottom, and handle of my Wobbly Tote!! Ingenious! I had knit it with random striping and stitched down one side across the bottom and up the other side of one rectangle. Then I added the second rectangle and did the same to form the tote. I didn't bind off and left a knitting needle on one end in case I needed to lengthen the strap.

Here it is resting on the hammock after it's birthing. I think it looks like a sad face with a green mole!

After felting, Wobbly is looking happier---although this is the other side of the tote! I used Lamb's Pride bulky and a size 10 1/2 needle. I discovered that I do prefer working with Jo Sharp wool over Lamb's Pride. I used Jo Sharp on the mitered bag that I felted and found it much easier to work with as well as being gentler on the hands.

Happiness is a finished Wobbly Tote! I'm adding industrial strength hook-and-loop for a closure, then sending it off to my sister in San Francisco.

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you . . .
---II Peter 3:9a


About My June Books

The Columnist by Jefferey Frank is a short novel--a fictional memoir of a self-important, but influential columnist written with insider's knowledge. Eminently readable and very witty.

The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn is a frivolous but well-written novel about the pampered New York socialites who eagerly draw blood to get their children enrolled in the most fashionable schools. The story centers on the exploits of a business woman who begins a placement program and discovers just how mean-spirited parents can be!
Courage is being scared to death -- but saddling up anyway.
---John Wayne


The Stalker

It slithers out of the box and searches for me in the night!
What is it?
We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities. ---Pogo


Whizzzzz! BOOM! Bang!

God Bless America
Land that I love
Stand beside her
And guide her
Through the night
With a light
From above
From the mountains
To the prairies
To the oceans
White with foam
God bless America
My home sweet home.
Wishing you a safe and fun-filled 4th of July in the USA.