Yarn Along

This book is comforting and gentle, Knit in Comfort by Isabel Sharpe, and tells the story of a city woman moving to a small Southern town. At 27 pages into the story, I am enjoying the writing style and vivid descriptions of the setting and looking forward to getting into the story line.
This "Bistro Shirt" from Oat Couture has been a WIP for a few years. OK, several years. It is this close to completion. Silly me, I just put it aside, waaaay aside and let it marinate. Apparently, it has been calling to me as I pulled it out yesterday and decided to finally-finally finish it. If that ever happens, you'll see it here!

The yarn is from the beautiful S. Charles "Mosaic Collection" which is offered at a sale price here. Mind you, I paid full price for it mumble-mumble years ago. The hand is so supple with slubs of color in silk, very pretty.

What are you reading?
What are you knitting?

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Teaser Tuesday ~ Meltzer

 "I'm afraid of heights, snakes, normalcy, mediocrity, Hollywood, the initial silence of an empty house, the enduring darkness of a poorly-lit street, evil clowns, professional failure, the intellectual impact of Barbie dolls, letting my father down, being paralyzed, hospitals, doctors, the cancer that killed my mother, dying unexpectedly, dying for a stupid reason, dying painfully, and worst of all, dying alone. But I'm not afraid of power—which is why I work in the White House"


I May Be Crazy...But I'm Havin' Fun!

 I am having oodles of fun with this crazy knit ghan! What a whimsical, free experience it is to play with yarn textures, colors, and combinations without a pattern! Thing 4 is growing!
 And, what a lovely neighbor to have! Rowan Summer Tweed held in a single strand for a grassy stockinette. Love the nubby texture, which ,sadly, is not apparent in this picture. One side is angled by decreasing on one side on every knit row for a touch of shaping. A bit of 3x3 rib is popped on top of that!

The lovely rib has a bit of sparkling gold threads amongst the chocolate fiber of Louisa Harding "Jasmine" knitted with double strands. A rectangle of double stranded garter jumps off of one end in DK weight. And, what is growing from the garter section?
 More sparkle in Louisa Hardig "Glisten" held with a neutral Rowan "purelife" for a fine stockinette bit.

And there you have the recent bit of craziness in this long-term project. Though, I must admit, I do feel compelled to pick it up and add a bit more when I should do more pressing things. I am so anxious to get to the embroidery and embellishment!! Myra Wood's voice rings in my mind telling me to do that last. Do you know how far "last" seems from now? Ah well, I will follow the voice of the Queen and attempt to go about this with some dimension of order since the rest of this project is so free-wheeling. Did I mention that I love the process? Love. It.




Teaser Tuesdays ~ Meredith Baxter

p. 125: "Right before our wedding I was offered a high-visibility role as William Holden's daughter in a big Hollywood disaster movie, The Towering Inferno, which I turned down because the shooting schedule overlapped with the honeymoon we'd planned. But we didn't go on a honeymoon."


Yarn Along Wednesday ~ unTied

I am yarning along on Thing 4 for my crazy quilt afghan and reading a memoir by Meredith Baxter, unTIED. Reading this book is a dream compared to the memoir by Barbara Walters. Miss Baxter's life story is quite surprising with a flowing writing style that makes it an I-can't-put-it-down book.
 The lace part of Thing 4 is a simple repeat using Bernat Satin yarn and size 8s. I knitted three rows of stockinette K3, yo, k2tog, repeat across row to the last three sts. K3 sts. Maintaining stockinette throughout, do four rows and repeat lace pattern. After blocking the lace, I started a stockinette triangle on one side of the lace using Rowan Summer Tweed in a mossy green, beautiful-beautiful yarn. I decided on straight stockinette to show the gorgeous texture of the yarn, which I will embellish later. I am decreasing with k2tog on the knit rows to make an isosceles triangle.

Phoenix is a beautiful place to be! This majestic saguaro stands in Scottsdale, though we've been in Phoenix this week after our five-day stay in Scottsdale. Tomorrow we will be off to Sedona.
Wherever we are, I continue to YARN ALONG!


Teaser Tuesdays ~ The Sugar Queen

From The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen:

p.33  "When she ran out of books to read, it only got worse. She was walking by the creek along the wood line at the end of the property one day when she was twelve, feeling mopey and frustrated, when she saw a book propped up against a willow tree."


Thing 2 & Thing 3

 DH, Lailah, and I are delighting in our stay here in Phoenix with 85-degree temps! Whew! We spent five days in Scottsdale, then relocated to Phoenix for a week.

I completed Thing 2 and Thing 3 for my fledgling crazy afghan while we drove through New Mexico. The greenish stockinette rectangle is two strands of Berroco Comfort DK held together. I then switched to a brown Millefili Fine and carried it with Bernat Matrix decreasing by k2tog on each end every fourth row to form the triangle with size 8 needles.

The adventure continues!



Audition: A MemoirAudition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The biggest surprise in this book is the poor writing. It reads like a dictation, including parenthetical phrases which are quite distracting. The sentence fragments and chit-chatty voice in some sections contrast unnaturally with the more formal phrasing in other parts of the book. I find it difficult to follow her unscripted speaking, quite apart from her speech problems and clenched jaw delivery. Unfortunately, this books appears to written in the same way she speaks, often interrupting herself to wander to another topic and asking for forgiveness for saying over-worked and trite expressions. It is quite distracting to come to sentences like "But that is not the story I want to tell you. This is the story I want to tell you." That's an approximation of what she wrote, however it feels like a clunker as one is reading.

There are many pictures of Barbara in the book and on the back cover of the jacket--many, many pictures of Barbara. It's not surprising from an author who has truly put the ME! in "memoir".

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Thing One

Having jumped into our motor home to leave snowy CO, we are now enjoying the sunny climes of AZ. The three spring training games were great fun at Talking Stick at Salt River, a new facility for the Rockies and the AZ Diamondbacks. There's so much time for knitting at a baseball game! During two of the games, a lady in the row in front of us was knitting as well!

In a salute to Dr. Seuss, I am using his naming method for the bits and parts for my crazy quilt style afghan. Meet Thing One, a burgundy mitered square made using a pattern in Myra Woods' book, Crazy Lace. I k3tog for the center decrease to make a prominent stitch pattern. Holding two strands of DK together, I knitted with size 8 needles. So, hello to Thing One and the beginning of a joyful project. I am excited to see where this project will take me!


Yarn Along Wednesday

 A perfect combination for me, books and yarn, hence the blog name! The yarn I am reading is Audition, a memoir by Barbara Walters. The yarn I am knitting is "Marble Chunky" by James C. Brett that I bought at STITCHES West. The pattern is a ripple wrap from Bernat for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church.
The nose belongs to the resident inspector of all things, Lailah. Upon her approval, I snapped the pic and caught a bit of her too. She, of course, is essential to anything I do!

What are you reading and knitting/crocheting?


AUDITION by Barbara Walters (Teaser Tuesdays)

Having read an  unauthorized biography about Barbara Walters, I am now reading her memoir, Audition.
Having graduated from Sarah Lawrence, she writes on page 70,

"I wound up taking the path of least resistance and headed home to New York to try and get some kind of job....And so while my friends went on to worthier futures, I went to Speedwriting school on Forty-second Street to prepare to be a who-knows-what."