Teaser Tuesday

Visit Teaser Tuesday to for more book quotes. It's a great way to find some great reads! You can add your teaser, too!Here's my teaser for this week from
The Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society by Augusta Trobaugh:

'Something that should remain a secret,' Zion pronounced,
speaking slowly and trying to resist the urge to tell.
In the end, she couldn't keep her mouth shut: 'Well just so you all will know,
he never did appreciate how hard it is to be a preacher's wife....'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Killer Commute by Marlys Millhiser

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book began as a promising, gentle mystery but suffers because of poor writing and editing. The writing style is distracting and occasionally confusing, however the characters and setting are charming with clever quirkiness. This story could be quite entertaining if handled by more capable hands. I cannot recommend this book and do not plan to read other works by this author.

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Succinctly Yours: Week 10

Five trees in a row near a glistening street

Tower over lovers as they meet.

Join me dear

We will ride

And fly to love's beat.
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The once empty pots on our deck are now filled with beautiful colors of spring.

 Lantana and Lobelia
 Marigold and a funky little --maybe starlight, snow-something plant
 Coleus, Spring Mix, and Lobelia
 Salvia, Marigolds, and Petunias with my magic fairy wand

Mother's Day Begonia from my DH


Yarn Along Wednesday

The Prayer Shawl 2 is coming along nicely in this scrumptious James Brett "Marble" chunky yarn. I've had it on the needles for a while now, but want to get it finished and take it to church. That means I must quit playing with my crazy ghan and stay focused on this! Can I do it?? We shall see!
Killer Commute by Marlys Millhiser is a gentle mystery with quirky humor and an interesting story line. While not a riveting book, it is an OK read. I know, I know...not a ringing endorsement, is it?

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Succinctly Yours - Week 8

If you just get new glasses, Ansel, you won't have to carry that contraption around all the time. The ocean is to your right. So it began.


Teaser Tuesday + One Day

From The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood:
When I went out to the kitchen to get breakfast Ainsley was there, moping: she said she had been to a bad party the night before. She swore there had been nothing but dentistry students, which depressed her so much she had consoled herself by getting drunk.
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Microfiction: Succinctly Yours

Unheralded work continues at Ground Zero as the world devotes hours of attention to the aquatic burial of the evil master mind. Seek peace.

(Word Of The Week: aquatic)

Simply Stated Book Review

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The mystery plot was well-developed,though the story line read like an episode from "Desperate Housewives". It is an OK read.

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Photobucket When I first saw these knitting dice, I thought that they would be so easy to make with some cubes from the craft store and a Sharpie. As you can see, I eventually did order them via

The kit includes a pattern for a "Chaos Scarf", but I chose to make a square for my crazy afghan. The ivory colored cube is the Master Cube that indicates knit, purl, slip, increase, decrease, or cable/twist. The other cubes are used based on the ivory cube.
Well, you can end up with chaos bordering on disaster, so I occasionally adjusted stitches to avoid extreme ickiness. It is fun to use the dice for a strange, unique variety in knitting! I can imagine doing this with a set of regular dice by assigning specific stitches to the numbers on assorted colors of dice. Fun? Silly? Why, yes it is!
What are you knitting?

on disaster


Yarn Along Wednesday

These squares are parts of the crazy ghan that I am knitting. I hope to begin reading Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler tonight. I've enjoyed her work in the past and have read so many positive comments about this one.

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Teaser Tuesday

"He knew that this room—sometimes called the Tank or the Vault—held presidential secrets, national secrets, and pine-box secrets, as in, the kinds of secrets that came with coffins.
But as he stood in the back corner of the small, plain beige room, swaying in place and flicking the tip of his tongue against the back of his front teeth, the archivist with the scratched black reading glasses knew that the most vital thing in the room wasn’t a classified file or a top-secret sheet of paper—it was the polished, rosy-cheeked man who sat alone at the single long table in the center of the room."
from The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer

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Succinctly Yours

"These glasses are perfect for my lop-sided view of life." After treatment for his crab-like walk, Pablo knew that things were looking up.