Saluting Miss Duckey!

So Miss Duckey has my name in the SP9 exchange and sent lovely emails. Then, WHAM!! I opened the door on Saturday afternoon to find a nice-sized box from the aforementioned Miss Duckey herself!! WOW! She had told me she was readying a package, however this totally surprised me!

Now, I must interject here that I failed to save Miss Duckey's email address, so I am praying that she sees this post!

Not only did she knit that stunning square for my charity work, she sent the gorgeous stitch markers in Fallish colors of golds and ambers and rusty oranges. I love the silver leaves! So beautiful! I am extremely excited for these, my very first stitch markers that will elegantly move me out of the land of plastics. Miss Duckey, you more than fulfilled my wish. I never expected so many!! I am wondering if Miss Duckey made them. It looks like hours and hours of precise work to me!

The gift box was filled with beautiful red leaves--real, natural leaves--so pretty and colorful. I love them! Since I had stated that I wanted to try entrelac, she included an entrelac suki pattern along with four 1-2-3-4! balls of Patons glorious soy wool stripes yarn. I wish you could touch this stuff! So soft! The colors are breath-taking with subtle Fall colors. (More about the yarn on Friday. Stay tuned.)

Along with candy corn, milk chocolate bars, and a thoughtful card, Miss Duckey truly made my day! So, sincere thanks for each thoughtful item in this amazing box-o-Fall to my dear Miss Duckey.

Who you are inside is what helps you to make and do everything in life.
---Fred Rogers, PhD. aka "Mr. Rogers"


Knitcrazy said...

Oh How NICE :)


Beth said...

What a nice package! I really like the stitch markers and square.

Anonymous said...

I'm... I'm... blushing. I'm so glad you like the stitch markers and the row counter, I had only made a few before.