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My teaser is from this excellent book:
"...he's infuriated that his e-reader allows him to only know the percentage of a book he's read, not the number of pages. This, he thinks, is 92 percent stupid."
Have you read about this wonderful book?  The beautifully written story tells about the life-long friendships among a group of seemingly mis-matched people who meet as teens and share their lives in deep and meaningful ways. I am completely engrossed in this story.

What are you reading?


A Cold and Lonely Place

A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry

first paragraph, first chapter
"We could feel the reverberation of the ice cutting machine through the frozen lake beneath our feet. Matt Boudoin was telling me this would be the best ice palace ever, and I was nodding because of course every year the palace seems better than the one the year before. He stopped talking and I stopped nodding because the machine had halted and the crew of men was staring down at the ice. Then in unison, like marionettes, with their strings being pulled they turned their heads to look at Matt. Their faces were blank, but we knew something was wrong, very wrong."
A Cold and Lonely Place is a riveting story of the life and death of a young man frozen under the ice in a lake near Lake Placid. Each character is singular and identifiable, advancing the plot. These strong characters and the palpable sense of place are powerful features of this excellent writing. I felt the cold and the empathy and the desperation in this cold and lonely place.

"Some people you love while they're there, and some people you love forever, whether they're there or not."

So, what do YOU think? Would you continue reading?