Saturday Sky

Bright, blue and beautiful Saturday sky.

Max covers the world! Always my helper, Max assisted me in spreading out this world map blanket for a picture---only, well, he didn't want to move.

Whirled map! So we've got North and South America. On the far right are the beginnings of Africa (purple) and Europe (red). Antarctica (red) is nestled in the burgundy trim at the bottom right of the picture. This is fun to knit! I'm really enjoying this project.

This little hat is another for the Dulaan project (see side bar) in a simple pattern that I can work on while reading.

A book I've read recently is The Columnist by Jeffrey Frank. It is a satirical account of a self-centered, self-important journalist who becomes a Washington columnist and talking head on cable TV. Written in the lead character's voice as he pens his memoirs, the name dropping and anecdotes are self-serving, witty, and pathetic. A quick read, this book left me feeling very sad for the character of Brandon Sladder.

Have a wunnerful-wunnerful weekend!

It is more difficult to fight poverty in a rich country than in a poor one.
--- Mother Teresa


Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog comment!
That world map blanket is AMAZING! Are you using a pattern?

Shelley said...

The world is coming along nicely! Love the colour of the latest hat.

Beth said...

Max looks like he really has South America and Antarctica pinned down pretty well! I am still so amazed at the amount of knitting in your blanket.