Dulaan Project

I like to read and knit. Whether I place my book in the holder or surf the net, I like to read and knit. Sadly, since I cannot work on my world ghan, follow the intarsia chart, and read, I am working on very simple, garter stitch rectangular children's hats for the Dulaan Project (see button in side bar) when I am reading online or from a book. When the rectangle is 12 inches long, I fold it in half and seam each side, then add a tassel to each corner at the top of the hat. The tassels give this plain hat a bit of flair! The hat below is yet to get its tassels. It will have so much more style when it does!! The finished one is made with some luscious yarn (I lost the label) and a wonderful chenille (Lost that label too) on size 10 1/2 needles. The one I'm working on is just the one strand without the chenille on size 8s.

While I am doing these things, Mighty Max keeps watch at the door to protect his sidewalk and his street. He's a big boy and has a powerful bark! Who would guess that he is so gentle and loves to cuddle?

This circular sweater is so different that I wanted to include the web site so you can see it too.
I don't plan to make it, but think it is quite interesting!

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Beth said...

Way to go, Max! Phoebe watches over her street, too. (Although her bark would be considered annoying and not powerful like yours!)

Beth said...

I don't think I could ever knit and read! Impressive. Max is so handsome!

Thank you for sharing with Fibers on Friday!