Yarnographic Friday

Frizzy-squizzy hair? Colorized spaghetti? A funky hedgehog?

It's Squiggle by Crystal Palace Yarns! It begs you to fluff it up, toss it around--it just looks playful! It is 50/50 nylon/polyester and would add a fantastic texture and splash of color in a patchwork blanket!! Love it!

To Shelley: Ahhh! Your comment made me realize that I posted a wordy Wordless Wednesday. Loved your comment!

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Knit Mongrel said...

Just looking at that yarn puts me in a good mood. :) Definitely hedgehog.

Happy YPF!

Zonda said...

That is just a cute yarn! Nice colors! Makes me smile! :)

Beth said...

Squiggle is fun. I used some in a felted bag once. Have fun with it!