Teaser Tuesday ~ On Folly Beach

 From On Folly Beach by Karen White:

" Emmy awoke to the song of the wind in the bottle tree, to the black night and the winter chill, and knew Ben was gone from her the way the moon knows the ocean's tides.... But now the keening of the wind through the colored bottles bled through her bones and flashed behind her eyes like a newsreel, illuminating the one thing she'd never wanted to know."


Microfiction Monday #68

Do yer fancy a bath here, matey?
What?! You know I can't swim!
Aye, I've got that taken care of.


Decorating Lailah

 Lailah, who typically wears only her understated silver jewelry, was perplexed when I tied her Christmas bandanna around her neck for the holidays.
 She apparently was concerned that something had landed on her neck and did her best-best-best to vanquish it.
Alas, she realized it was time to join in the Christmas spirit and sport her bandanna for a few days.
She has now returned to her simple, yet classic, silver accessories.


That Old Cape Magic ~~ Teaser Tuesday

From That Old Cape Magic  by Richard Russo:

"The apologetic owner said they could leave one car there, drive the other to Truro, then pick it up on the way back. Joy disliked Griffin's roadster, which felt unsafe compared with her SUV, and her hair would be a lost cause by the time they arrived, but she gave in grudgingly when he observed there wasn't much point in having a convertible if you weren't going to put the top down on a bright summer day on the Cape."


Microfiction Monday #66

Unhand the magic umbrella, Dan Han,
and I will relinquish my sword.
Then we both can finish
getting dressed!


Continuing Saga of the Mitered Squares Blanket

 The gorgeous Cascade 220 arrived and I was eager to begin the mitered squares ghan for the then 7-year-old DGS.
 This "short cut" method to joining the squares is a beautiful thing...or so it seems because, well, no seams! The problem, rather, the PROBLEM arises when I realize that I don't want scrambled colors. Noooo, I want four sections of the same color to make the larger block.  The stars are not aligning, neither are the squares!
 Not only is the blanket unaligned, it is too small and has mistakes in it! Arrgh! This gentle art of knitting had a couple of smack-down moments!
 After a few days of taking verrry deep breaths, I began the redo portion of the deconstruction. Up from the ashes would rise this phoenix of afghans! Hurrah!
 Alas! I ran out of the denim heather and knitted all white to complete a section, only to realize that it was a horrible affront to the entire process.
The new yarn arrived yesterday from so that I can now complete the section in all its denim-y goodness.
 Out came winder to get these babies ready for some serious knitting.
Now I can make two more complete sections to lengthen the blanket for DGS, who is getting older by the minute. He's now 8-years-old. May the knitting gods smile upon me.


Microfiction Monday #65

Oh, Butterfly Man!
You would be magnificent among my steel magnolias!
But I,
I must change into my red riding hood!


Triangle Shawl

The Triangle Shawl is now in Ohio with DMIL. The yarn is from Brooks Farm in Texas and is 50/50 fine wool and silk. The garter ridges are more visible on the right side because of the lighting. The shawl is so soft and perfectly wonderful to wrap around shoulders and arms. Have you made any shawls?


Microfiction Monday #64

From Texaco and Mexico,
A product to clog your arteries
And dress your bearings--

Character Study: The Ladies Three

a meme for writers of all kinds
Among many like them, there sit the fighting-age-three. Each near or past 70 years of age, they are groomed and pampered in an attempt to stay the evidence of advancing years. Beda is a painfully thin woman with home-dyed hair, a medium brown, though the tone and weight of the color changes with each dye job. The middle of the three, Lidia has broad hips and a severe expression with salon-styled hair flashing well placed highlights of indeterminate colors, blond to dirty blond perhaps? The third is Lou, slender and chatty, whose hair color and length varies in more shades of brown than one can imagine. A common attribute is their powerfully red lipstick and generously applied blush angled along cheekbones.

They are boon friends, stalwart through life's blessings and challenges.Together, they define their world of looking good and feeling better. Hanging onto youth with their meticulously manicured hands and unnaturally colored hair against pale skin, they are the fighting-age-three.