Work In Very Slow Progress is this short sleeve sweater from Knitting the New Classics by Kristin Nicholas. This sensational book contains 60...count 'em....60 gorgeous sweater patterns. There are so many that I want to make and probably never will!! I am using Millefili Fine mercerized cotton to make this one in a rich brown.

From this pattern book

Here are a couple views of the edging detail. The short sleeves will have this pattern over the entire sleeve.
Presenting a few of my favorite baskets
I have several done in this style by a Colorado maker.

Do you ever have trouble deciding on your next project? How about a tree sweater? No, really! Take a look at this! Talk about using up your stash!!

Balzac and the Little Princess by Dai Sijie educated me about the ways of China's reeducation program through a fictional work. The reeducation program targeted the learned class with information about western culture as well as in the intended Maoist doctrine. The Little Seamstress becomes a well educated, modern woman who leaves her father. Through her pregnancy and abortion shines the tale of desire of the indominatable human spirit that seeks to learn and know.

The ancestor of every action is a thought. --- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Michelle said...

How beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished sweater. I like the BSJ, too. I just need to sew mine up.

Jenni said...

I love the tree sweater! Such a lucky tree to have a sweater--all my trees are cold and bare!

Pooch said...

Isn't the BSJ a fun project? I hope to make another one soon! I'll have to take a look at yours when you finish---assuming you are going to post it!!

I've been working on the brown one---well, not working on it--for so long, I wonder of I'll ever finish it!


Pooch said...


Maybe a tree sweater KAL???? Nah, I don't think so!!


Jenni said...

probably not, but it is a nice concept

Titine24 said...

What a knockout of a brown sweater!! Perhaps it is aging like good wine, while you are Not Working on it. The glimmery sheen of the yarn makes it seem so elegant!!

New Blogger, Titine24