Stix & Yarns

My straights are standing straight in a beautiful hand thrown pottery pitcher that one of my sisters gifted me several years ago. Can you see that some of those needles dates back a few decades? There are other straights, of course, that have UFOs on them!Love-love-love hand thrown pottery and have quite a varied collection throughout our house.

The button jar was Mother's and passed on to me when Mother closed our family home to move to assisted living. Playing with the buttons when I was a child has left me with happy-happy memories. It contains primitive looking buttons pressed from shells, blingy rhinestone buttons of every size and shape, buttons that might have a pricey value to collectors and a priceless value to me.

Currently, I am tinking 90 sts on my Baby Surprise Sweater (BSS) because I started a new color on the wrong side! Can't have that unsightly line running across there!

The basket is filled with the yarns for the temporarily abandoned world ghan--just until I complete the BSS. The blue yarn for the water is not in the basket. The fuschia yarn is actually a true red!

In book news, I read a couple of true-but-creepy nonfiction works. The Deadly Game by Catherine Cryer is a linear narrative of the murder of Laci Petersen and baby by the husband and father, Scott. Sad, sad story of materialism, disillusionment, and the behaviors of sociopathic Scott Petersen.
His half-sister Ann Bird wrote Blood Brother about her experiences with her murderous brother who stayed at her house with her husband and children during the weeks of the investigation--when no one knew where he was. Her heart-breaking account describes how she held on to her desire for his innocence until she could no longer rationalize his lies and bizarre behavior. Both books are fascinating and horrifying to read.

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.--Norman Vincent Peale


Allena said...

i love the pottery, and the straight needles love the look together. OH i'm going to have to find something similar for my lovely needles! sigh.
i keep my yarn in baskets here and there and everywhere!
thanks for sharing those pix

Pooch said...

Hi Allena,
Thanks for leaving your note. I think I'll take pics of my other holdings. I have a main storage area that my husband built into a book shelf.
Thanks again!

tonni said...

I do believe that needles need to be in view and placed in treasured pieces like your pottery... I have mine in a waterford vase that was gifted to me by my co-workers. (don't think that was their intention, since they knew I had roses!)

Love your baskets! Baskets and yarn definitely go together!

Pooch said...

What a creative use of Waterford! Indeed, it is an elegant home for your needles!