Is it over?

Is Christmas really over? I mean, after all those weeks--months, actually--of preparation and anticipation? Refer to my lovely planter decorations earlier in this blog and you might see, as I did, this sad view this morning is clearly indicating that the holiday season has indeed passed. Ravaged by the wind and ever-present squirrels, ornaments have disappeared, the juniper boughs are dried, disheveled, and missing! But wasn't it grand while it lasted? A house full of 10 loved ones for four days was a true blessing. Never mind the living room full of new toys, Baby B was most interested in playing with Max's toys which are laying about the house.

Under Max's
ever watchful gaze Baby B plays with the ball that lights inside when it is moved around. It was even more fun than the plasticware and measuring spoons he used as toys! OH my! I just noticed that if I look at this pic a certain way, the ball appears to be Max's tongue hanging out!! It's not!!

World ghan progress finds my needles heading north in Canada, a very enjoyable journey as I knit! See Canada up there? J decided it should be yellow with green USA and purple Mexico. Pretend it looks like a map, OK? The charting and color changes keep the stockinette stitch quite interesting.

I am trying to gather my thoughts about Christ the Lord Out of Egypt by Anne Rice. I am going to read the author's notes tonight, so am not ready to make any grand conclusions at this point. I do wonder, however, if the abundance of pre-publishing promotion sometimes leads to unattainable expectations on the part of readers. Could be.

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.-Jennifer Unlimited-


Shanie said...

Oh wow I feel the same as you... all that build up, and all that fun, and it's OVER ALREADY!


Happy New Year can't wait til Next Christmas!

Pooch said...

Thanks, Shanie! Happy New Year to you! Thanks for leaving a comment! Love 'em!