A Strip of the World

Finishing the trim on Strip One, three more to go! Since I am first and foremost a teacher, let's review...Can you locate the USA, Mexico, Canada, and a bit of Asia? How about Alaska? I hope to start the second section tonight. The larger paper is Chart One. The smaller is a world map colored by J so that I can make it to his color specifications. I'm going to frame his map to give to him when I finish his ghan.

Evening Class by Maeve Binchy is the story about an Irish lady living in a small Italian town. As the mistress to the man across the street, she remains mysterious to the people of the village who know her only for her delicate lacework. After many years, as old age encroaches, the love of her life dies leading her to return to Ireland. While teaching Italian in her small Irish village, she has great and lasting impact upon the lives of many. This is an inspiring story of the incalculable value of individuals upon one another.

The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on. --- Julia Alvarez


chittavrtti said...

I love that map pattern. I saw it on another blog and saved the site just so I could go visit and try to figure it out. ***CV

ttbookjunkie said...

Your map blanket is coming out great! That is an awesome pattern.


Pooch said...

Thank you! It is fun to do! It's simple stockinette, so the color changes keep it interesting. Can you say tinking??


Paula said...

Wow! Great Project. My Husband is a big map fan and collector. We have this HUGE framed world map in our hallway that he loves, I think this summer I am going to have to make a chart of it on knitters graph paper, do some math and make him a worldmapghan too! Thanks for the inspiration.
P.S. Great Blog!

Pooch said...

Thanks, Paula!! Charting it yourself is very impressive!! That's a ton of work right there!!


Michelle said...

Love the idea of framing the print. I've read Evening Class- she one of my favorites.

Pooch said...

Hi Michelle,
I think I'll try some of Binchey's other titles. This is the first one I've read of her work. Thanks for your comment.