Did I knit a blob?

Maybe if I look at it a different way......
...nope, that doesn't help!
Still unrecognizable!
It's all about the folding!
Hey! Look! It's a sweater/jacket! Not a blob at all! Whew!
Here's a look at the garter stitch and stripes!
Back View

Starry, starry buttons
The finished Baby Surprise Sweater (BSS) has buttons and a collar. This pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman can be finished in a variety of ways, such as with a hood, without the collar, with added ribbed cuffs. The colors and striping possibilities make each a unique creation! In addition to all of this creative freedom, it is such fun to knit! This one was done on size 9 needles with Plymouth Encore WW yarn. Lighter weight yarns and smaller needles yield smaller sizes. However, it can be made as an adult size as well. Did I hear versatile?

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Shelley said...

How cool is that...your sweater/jacket! Is it knit all in one piece and then folded? Is there sewing involved (other than the buttons)? Is it easy to do, or can a fairly new knitter accomplish it?

Great job!

Pooch said...

Honestly Shelley, it is an easy knit done all in garter stitch. There are shoulder seams and buttons, if you want. It can be done with a tie instead of buttons. Yes, it is one amazing piece!

If you are interested, I highly recommend this group, which is where I learned to make it.

Take a look to see what you think!