About that yarn basket...

Yes, there are others!

World Ghan Baskets

BSS KAL Basket
Then, of course, there are shelves!Several years ago my husband built yarn shelves for me at the top of a book case. This is the left side of the shelf with one of my Crochet/Knit notebooks to the left.

Right End of the Yarn Shelf

Another Useful Shelf

All of this is conveniently located in my home office. I love being surrounded by books and yarn! Did I say books? Look what arrived today!!

Isn't it yummy just to look at the cover? Can't wait to dive into all the lusciousness inside!
Carpe Librum ---unknown


Allena said...

drool drool drool i love how you've organized! i'd love to be that organized! thanks for sharing.

Pooch said...

Hi Allena,
Thanks! It certainly is convenient this way, and I can "feel" my yarn around me!

ttbookjunkie said...

wow you keep your projects so nicely. I love the idea of keeping things in wicker baskets!


Pooch said...

Thanks,Amanda! I love baskets and enjoy using them for various purposes. They're easy to move around too!

Shelley said...

I guess I'm not the only one to use baskets to store my yarn and knitting projects in! I love wicker baskets. I like the shelves your hubby made for you.

Pooch said...

Thanks, Shelley! I appreciate your comments!