Behold the Wonderful Wallaby sweater knit with Mission Falls 1824 cotton on sizes 7 and 5 needles. Because it's knitted on dps and circs—voila!—no seams! This is the hoodless version at the request of K3. You can, of course, make a pouchless version….a hoodless and pouchless version, or a hooded and pouched...well you get the idea! The sizes are from a child's size 2 to super size adult! I made a size 4, which—by the way—is called the "Willie Wallaby" in this nifty little pattern book!

Here's the contact info to get the booklet with all the sizes:

Cottage Creations
At the Farm on Deer Creek
Carpenter, IA 50426-0070

Honestly, I am not kidding! That really is it! And, the pattern booklet is as quaint as the address. Just think! Your entire family could be decked out in wonderful wallabys (wallabies?) from the toddlers to the grandparents! Do I hear needles clicking?

Belonging by Nancy Thayer is a wonderful-wonderful story of a career woman who eventually discovers aspects of "belonging" in different places and with a variety of people for diverse reasons. This is a fascinating study of the evolution from superficiality to deeper meaning. EXCELLENT read!

Back by popular demand, well--OK--there was ONE comment, is Mighty Max my wonder dog in his holiday tie. Maybe I'll try to teach him to bark "Jingle Bells"....hmmm....

That "Love Thy Neighbor" thing...I meant it.


Michelle said...

How cute! I've only knit only WW, but now you have me thinking about more... (another KBS member)

Pooch said...

Hi Michelle!
Thanks for your comment. What colors have you used...and plan to use?


Knitcrazy said...


There he is Mighty Max...
Love it !!!

Pooch said...

You know you are just encouraging me, don't you? Not that it takes much!!


Nancy J said...

Love Max! I had 2 boxers and a collie while growing up. Your Wallaby is very cute! (Another KBS member)

Pooch said...

Hi Nancy!
Aren't Boxers just the best? He acts so tough, but he's such a lovie dog. Thanks for your nice comments:)