Run it or throw it down?

...couldn't decide so I crocheted the gauntlet! As soon as my Berroco newsletter arrived with the free pattern, I grabbed some Plymouth Encore and an I hook and cro-eated. (Looks weird, but it's my word for crocheted and created.) I borrowed the yarn from the mapghan, which you can probably guess is going slowly since I haven't mentioned it. It got stalled since I had to wait to get some more yarn bobbins. (Having West Nile virus keeps me home until a "good" day.) I do have the bobbins now, however it is moving into the last week of the semester and I have loads of final projects to grade. Oh, woe is me!

Meanwhile back to the gauntlet, it is child-sized for K2 whose rainbow consists of purple with maybe a touch of pink. If you're brave enough to pick up the gauntlet, you may do so here: Let me know how you do yours. It would be fun to see all the variations! I also plan to make this if I have enough fun fibers in my stash!

I had a most unusual reaction to Symptoms of Withdrawal the so-called memoir by Christopher Lawford. In his repeated referral to being "a second-tier Kennedy", he appears to be struggling mightily in this book to present himself as a first-tier Kennedy, or top of the heap, or whatever the label might be. He somehow manages to end up with a large red L on his forehead. It is a compelling read, but not a good one. This is a book that shouldn't have been written, but I couldn't stop reading it! It was quite perplexing to read the first person account when I found myself truly disliking the author! I seldom, if ever, feel that way about anyone. I must admit I wouldn't have even considered reading this book were it not for the Kennedy connection. Yet I find it irritating that his name appears on the cover with Kennedy as his middle name rather than Sidney, his actual middle name after his father and paternal grandfather. Then there's the book jacket with the author as a toddler with his ill-fated Uncle Jack. See what I mean? What a conundrum of reactions. I felt as though I were listening in on sessions between the author and his shrink knowing that shouldn't, but unable to stop. This man is a person of weak character with an excuse for every bad decision, large and small. The book left the reader with true distaste for the author and the desire to take a shower. Low, very low.

If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all.
---My Mother & probably Ben Franklin

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