From One 2 Four

The lone gauntlet of yore has been joined by it's mate as well as another pair made in Denver Bronco colors for K3. These are quick to crochet in child's sizes. The pattern link is below. The other pattern link below yielded this scarf knitted on 13s in Spice and Idena Magic for K2.

The quickie projects are fun to crank out. I understand why people get addicted to them! Alas, I do need to get back to J's abandoned world! All the grading is finished for one of my courses as of tonight! I have another set to grade yet for another course. Then, well....hmmm....Still more work to do, but the knitting time will definitely increase between semesters!

John Jaffe wrote Shenandoah Summer set in the Virginia countryside with an interestingly named character, Alvin Dwight Palifax, Jr. who is mercifully nicknamed "Tug". This is the romantic story of a DC drama teacher and a New York artist who meet and fall in love during a summer at her farm and his stay at a nearby artist's colony. It's a wonderful evocation of place. An enchanting, quick read.

Those who can, do. Those who believe others can also, teach. --John E. King

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