Crochet Mini-Stocking

The itty-bitty stockings are fun to make with worsted weight yarn or some of the holiday colored variegated cotton yarn and a G hook.

Chain 11.
Single crochet back and forth on 10 sts until the piece is approximately 3.5 inches long, chain 5 more sts onto your piece.

SC for approximately 3 inches, then return back on 10 sts.

Continue in sc on the 10 sts until the piece is the same length as the original 3.5.

Fold in half. Join in sc from the foot, over the toe and up the front. SC around the top, making a chain of 15 at the back for hanging.
Continue around the top of the stocking and finish. Cute!

I enjoy selecting the motif and color combinations--stripes, finishing the top in white, crocheted the join in a contrasting color. I hope these directions make sense because this is quick-n-EZ!

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