Yarn Along - The Bolter

Our deck is an enchanting place to knit. The table sets under a vine covered pergola with pots of flowers all around. I also enjoy knitting on our swing at the other end of deck with a slight breeze from the motion of the swing and a different view of our lawn. I've always been a swinger!
 The Bolter by Frances Osborne is an engaging biography of the author's flamboyant great-grandmother at the beginning of the 20th century in England. The author develops a strong sense of place so that I feel I am right there in the stream of the story.
While I'm reading, I have been knitting a strip of 1x1 twisted ribbing which will become a part of my crazy quilt - inspired ghan. This is a random project with so many sources of inspiration that I truly wonder how it will morph next! Sometimes I'm not sure about this whole idea while other times I think this is the most creative knitting that I've done a very long time.

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What are you reading and knitting?


Swanski said...

I really like your outdoor area! I love the idea of a piecework blanket :D

angela said...

That sounds like heaven to me. My decks are all too hot!!

I'm reading Introverts in the Church and Pearl of China and Children of the Night...

and knitting with corn/cotton a little heliotrope sweater.