The Bolter by Frances Osborne

The BolterThe Bolter by Frances Osborne

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The story is well-written with a comfortable flow. However, I cannot say that I "liked it" because it is a biography of a hedonistic, self-centered woman at the turn of the 20th century. The author is Lady Idina Sackville's great grandaughter who seems to be quite smitten with the subject as being a wealthy adventuress for whom there are no rules. While the problems of fidelity, promiscuity, drugs, and alcohol abuse are included, they are viewed through rose-colored glasses and lightly acknowledged while rushing on to Idina's next grand adventure.

This deeply researched book brings life to Edwardian England, the carefree '20s, and two great wars as experienced by Lady Idina whose scandalous life ultimately ends in loneliness and sorrow. Despite the vivid accounts about lovers, wealth, family, glamour and extensive travels, this is indeed a sad, sad life story. I look forward to reading this author's work in a book where she does not have a personal connection with the subject.

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