Friday Fibers

While I continue to forge ahead on the feather and fan wrap that has been on my needles since March (I think!), I did stock up on some colorful I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. Youngest Granddaughter requested a "swirly rainbow" colored afghan. After duly searching and viewing all matter of rainbow ghans, I decided that I would crochet rather than knit it and that I do not want to use bright primary colors. Since I'm working with the yarn, I am choosing to tone it down a bit. This is a bright combination, I think, and seven-year-old K will be happy with it. She also wants her name and a dolphin on it! It seems there is one other item she wants on it, so I need to find her drawing that I asked her to make. Right now I plan to knit or crochet those separately and applique them to the ghan. And, no, I am not putting her name in gigantic letters across the width of the ghan as she drew them. Something slightly more understated is in order!

Plymouth Encore WW is my go-to afghan yarn, but I decided to use a less expensive yarn for this. I hope it holds up well! She's a lively girl!

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