Tuesday Teaser -- Let's Read!

Visit Teaser Tuesday to for more book quotes. Perhaps you'll find a book that you'd enjoy! You can add your teaser, too!Here's my teaser for this week from a biography, The Bolter by Frances Osborne:
"Honeymoons usually lasted a month or more.
It was long enough to ride around the pyramids
and float down the Nile to the temple of Karnak."
Gentle readers of a certain age, like me, are you thinking of Johnny Carson right now?


Crystal - Princess of Pop Culture said...

Sounds very lovely, I would really enjoy floating down the Nile :)

My teaser is from Madonna of the Seven Hills.

SusanB-knits said...

Interesting teaser. It makes me want more. (off to check out this book)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Johnny Carson!

Sounds very interesting. So nice to meet you.