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I've just begun reading The Summer Kitchen by Karen Weinreb. Here is a teaser that explains the book's title:
page 13 "Her summer kitchen played no small part in the women considering her affinity for baking an adorable hobby. There were not many still standing of these kitchens once designed for the privileged to keep the heat of preserving in the summer away from the main house."

Note: After typing the second sentence, I realized that it has awkward construction. Does it seem awkward to you?
What are you reading?


Nikola said...

It does sound weird. I think it should go like,

"There were not many of these kitchens,...

But anyways, it has a very nostalgic and sweet to it. I like it.

Here's mine :)

Jennifer said...

Your teaser makes me hungry. My TT:

Anonymous said...

sounds like the kitchen is really, really important to her.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I'd like a summer kitchen.

Here is mine