Wednesday Yarn Along -- Join in!

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My long term knitting continues for my crazy quilt in a variety of yarns and stitches. I have crocheted a few pieces together, some are pinned together, and others are loose so I can move them around. One thing I noticed is that it was screaming for lighter color here and there, so that's what I am knitting now: pieces and strips to insert here and there..and, over there...and, well, maybe a bit here.... Fortunately, I am a process knitter so I am greatly enjoying this  except when people ask if I've finished it YET. I foolishly try to explain why it will take some time and may never be finished because of continuous embroidery. I really don't think they understand. :)

The book, The Capitol Game by Brian Haig, is much easier to set aside after 91 pages in because I simply cannot engage in the story line. I've really, really, really tried. Maybe I am not in the mood for this book right now or, more likely, the story is familiar and oft-used. I'll be moving on to another gripping read.


Tami said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Your crazy quilt is coming out nicely. It looks like a good way to use up some odds and ends stash.

I am the same way about books. I have learned that if you can't get into a book after a few chapters it is not worth the time to finish it. Too many good books out there to waste time on ones you could care less how they turn out.

cpcable said...

I've always thought crazy quilts were a good way to learn and practice new stitches without having to commit to a big project. Glad it's coming along!

Anonymous said...

Very nice.