Seeing Red

Today I started my first scarf for the Red Scarf Project for this year. The scarves are to be sent in September and October this year, so I decided to get started. I'm using Plymouth Encore and size 13 needles. I like the 13-on-13 scarf. Cast on 13 sts using size 13 needles. This is a make-it-up-as-I-go scarf that started with four garter ridges.

Keeping three sts on each side in garter, do a chunk of stockinette.

Three ridges of garter.

Continue as your whims take you.

This is fun to do for baby blankets, too. It suits my need for mindless knitting and taking a break from the cap sleeve shaping on my Bistro shirt, which incidentally is also a shade of red!

If you would like more info on the Red Scarf Project, please check here:

I've been thinking RED today while enjoying the beautiful petunias and salvia in a planter on our deck.

And thanking the Lord for the glorious Earth on which we live!

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. 1Chron 16:9


Beth said...

I've been thanking God for the rain we've been getting recently. We really needed it.

Thanks for mentioning the Red Scarf project. I bought a bunch of red yarn last year and didn't make any scarves. I would have totally missed the deadline if I hadn't read about it here!

teabird said...

Good idea to start the scarves early - thanks! Last year I ended up knitting in December, which was way too stressful...

Tracey said...

Love all the red. The Red Scarf Project is such a great project to participate in.

Ann said...

Oh no...I had no idea that the dates had changed for the red scarf project..thank you so much!

Paula said...

Oh I am glad it is early this year.
I got stressed putting off knitting until after the holidays.
I will go hunt down my red yarn!
Your scarf is going to be wonderful! Beautiful Flowers!
I have those same kind of flowers in shades of purple on my front porch. They always make me smile when I see they are the only flower that doesn't wilt and die off by the dog days of August!