Second Chance

Lailah completes final inspection of this garter stitch scarf that I knit for a local charity. A group has used a grant to open a second-hand shop called "Second Chance". They sell donated, used items to provide jobs and parenting classes for teen mothers.

The Lord put this on my heart: to knit/crochet items to donate to the shop. I'm plan to make "fun" items for young women and babies. I do wish I had made this scarf narrower. The base fiber is a ladder yarn from my stash. Of course, the label was MIA! The carry-along is a minty green ribbon fiber. When that was all knitted, I changed to "Light Pipe" that I've had for years. I used #3324-candy to carry along with the first fiber. I tied some "fringy" pieces here and there on the body of the scarf to add a bit of whimsy. Aren't I whimsical?!! ;)

I want to make a pile of felted bags and skinny, funsy scarves to donate.
Take a peek at the beautiful crochet designs and colors at this site It is written in Portuguese with pix that speak to us in any language.
Don't act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do. ---Ephesians 5:17


Paula said...

Hi Pooch! I tried to post a comment ealier this morning and last night on your Dogs on Thursday post but blogger wasn't being very cooperative. Now it seems better, Or, maybe it was just my cranky computer.
I just love your scarf you made and what a great cause.
Lailah is soooo adorable!

Terri Lynn said...

I have hear about this shop! What a great idea, and how thoughtful of you to donate. I pray your work will be a blessing to this cause!