Dogs Don't Get It!

I was just visiting Paula at, laughing at the poem she posted, smiling at the cunning pix of her precious, little kitty. And...I's completely get it! They understand yarn...maybe even knitting. Cats know. Consider the many blogs with frolicking kitties and catties as they play with yarn, WIPs, and FOs. Tangles of yarn are left in their cat happy wake. Yep. No doubt. Cats can be crazed yarnies.

Let's take a look at my magnificent Max. Notice the yarn basket? Notice Max sleeping? Complete indifference to basket of yarniness. There may be dogs who interact with yarn. Max is not one of them.
Due to his sterling character, Max will model for my photo shoots. It does not bring him joy.

Not even the luscious Collinette AbFab yarns tempt him. Nope. Max just doesn't get it. Poor dear. Good thing I love him so much!

Can you...or a cat....turn your back on this inviting fiber?


I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it.


Paula said...

LOL! Oh Poor Max!
Elise just doesn't get the whole yarn thing either. The most excited she has about the yarn basket is if she thinks there might be a speck of food in the basket.
She will occassionaly walk up to the basket, sniff it real good then almost in a depressed state from it's lack of food, walk away and lay down.

By The way I was thinking of doing a 'Dogs Thursay' like the 'Cats Tuesday'
I joined that because I thought my cats were feeling left out. But Elise told me today that she feels she needs her own day of the week because the cats are taking up to much of the limelight.
Want to join?

Sam said...

I have a dog that gets it... but believe me, it's not a good thing ;)

I used to store my yarn in pretty baskets at the bottom of my book shelf. Until I came home one day to find that Buster had created a new doggie bed for himself -- by pulling out the yarn and turning it into a big old pile of yarn spaghetti! He looked pleased as punch sat on top of his masterpiece! I still giggle to this day thinking about it.

Beth said...

Phoebe doesn't mess with my yarn. That's a relief, though!

Tracey said...

LOL! I love it, not only does my dear little fuzzybritches get it, he also has excellent taste. He will grab a ball or skein of yarn and flip it all over the living room until it's a good tangled mess before deserting it, but he actually prefers to do with alpaca.

Terri Lynn said...

I love Max! He and my English Shepard, Tipsy, would get along famously! Tipsy just can't help herself, she want to just herd!
Ths red scarf(s) look so nice on you DMIL quilt! It looks like you have been vacationing alot!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Love the pic with Max in that blue scarf!! So cute!!