Dogs on Thursday

I am certainly seeing a new side of Max now that we have our puppy. He gently but surely lets her know that he is Alpha!! He hasn't played with toys for several years. Now he takes them away from Lailah to establish who is boss! She is a good puppy and follows Max everywhere! Max follows me all of the time, so you get the picture of our little parade from room to room!
Oh, and my post "Dogs Don't Get it" does not apply to curious puppies! Lailah has been dragging yarn around which has led me to set the baskets of yarn out of her reach. They are not artfully arranged, but setting here there and everywhere in my office! My first thought is not to grab a camera, so trust me on this!

Paula: Max is very accepting of Lailah and certainly let's her know when she's pushed her playfulness a little too far. I am enjoying them so much!
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Change is inevitable -- except from vending machines.


Beth said...

That's such a great picture of the two of them! It's so easy to see the size difference in this photo.

Sam said...

She is a beauty. I loved your comment of her affection for your yarn -- pups tend to have an affection for chomping on most things they shouldn't ;).
She's a cutie for sure.

Tina in Wonderland said...

Lailah is staring at whatever Max is holding like she is planning to snatch that toy when he's not looking! They look so cute together. I like Lailah's markings!

Tracey said...

*squeeee* When did you get a puppy Pooch? She's so beautiful!

Paula said...

Oh what great pictures!
Lailah looks like she she is watching Max real close for her doggie lessons! :)
I am glad Max is feeling more youthful! A young one in the house always seems take years off the older ones, even in humans! LOL! But man, can they wear you out.

Terri Lynn said...

The doggies are so cute!!!!