Noro Kureyon

This Noro Kureyon is coyly posing in a pottery piece.

Shades of green are cuddled among the gorgeous jewel tones of blues and purples.

Accompanied by two other hanks of Kureyon, this will be sent to my SP9 later this month. I hope she'll enjoy these rich colors.

The Word of the Lord did not come to pass. It came to stay. ---Unknown


Zonda said...

Nice colors of Kureyon! It is so nice to see them other than a square online!! Lucky SP :) Thanks for stopping by!

jmk said...

Hi there! You posted on my blog and just in case you didn't make it back to see if I replied I tracked you down. Just wanted to say thank you for your comment about my Sky. I have tried to vary them. I've had a snoop around your blog now. Love your last Sat.Sky - I've always felt there was something special about those rays! Funny, I often "random" through the webring but I've not come across you before. BTW, I think the colours in the blanket work well together. They're nicely balanced. Have you finished it yet? Or are your neighbours about to report your husband to the police for doing away with you?? Better get it done! xx