World Upheaval!

South America has been ripped three times!! Such upheaval!! Alas, creating the world is much more challenging that it appears to be in Genesis!!

About a year ago, I posted about creating the world---well, the world ghan for J. It's back there in the Archives from last Fall. A year later, I have just picked it up again. The knitting and the graphs are easy. Then there is the process of determining the best way to align the partial continents: row counting-nope, marking every twenty rows-nope, pinning the finished portion-nope. What's left? I am joining the pieces as I finish a section of the second strip in order to match the portions of the continents! Yes, that's it!

Although the pattern calls for knitting the five strips, then joining--I'm just not comfortable with that! So after about a full day of knitting, ripping, trying another method, I seem to have come upon the way that works for me---so far, that is! It has been slow going at this point, but I think I'll sail along from here. (Famous last words!)

It's a fun project since J colored the world map for me and I am following his color scheme rather than the pattern. So back to creating the world! Praise God for the work of His mighty hands!

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. -- Henry Ford

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Beth said...

Wow! What an undertaking! I'm very impressed!