The Columnist by Jeffrey Frank

The beautiful, but misleading Saturday sky pic also includes a biting, cold wind in 41-degree temperatures! Love my fireplace!

In answer to Zonda about the yarn posted yesterday, I plan to gift it to my Secret Pal 9.

I finished reading The Columnist by Jeffrey Frank. It is a satirical account of a pompous journalist who becomes a Washington columnist and "talking head" on cable news channels. He is a composite of several self-important journalists that often pop up on cable news. Written in the voice of the lead character as he pens his memoirs, the name dropping and anecdotes are self-serving, witty, and pathetic. A quick read, this book left me feeling very sad for the lonely character of Brandon Sladder.

Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning. ---Psalm 30:5

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