Rambling Rows

Skulking along our side of the fence in the back yard, hiding among the vines draping our pergola, I am avoiding my neighbors! Most especially, I am avoiding their newborn, precious daughter. I feel awful! Here is the reason for my nefarious actions:

It's the blanket I am making for the baby! It is preventing me from cuddling their first born! Did I mention that she is about 5-6 weeks old? No? Well, she is!

Does anyone else do this? I mean the I-can't-visit-the-baby-until-I-finish-the blanket thing. I mean, they live right. next. door. I've thought of visiting them and telling them I'm making something for the baby that is not quite finished yet. Then I think no, I want to have a gift with me when I see her for the first time. You can see, given world events, just exactly how Earth shaking this is! Now I'm thinking--knit faster!!

And then, there's the other problem I have as I close-in on completing an item: I find something that I dislike about it. Ev-er-y time! My original idea about the color for this was to use the girlie-pink as the main color along with the other pastels, add a couple stronger colors for visual stimulation, and there's my baby blanket!! Although I like the lime and purple, I am now thinking--oh my! Those are bright!
This Rambling Rows ghan is fun to knit-- just wishing I were completing it a little faster! I am working on patch #36 of 46 total patches. Darn! I can see in these pics that some of the slanted lines are at the wrong angle! There was a time I would have ripped and redone, however that time is not now!
The Caron "Simply Soft" is nice to work with and good for tossing in the washer and dryer. So, instead of typing-typing, I'd best start knitting-knitting with my size 8s.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. --- Proverbs 15:30


Tricotine said...

What a good looking blanky! I feel the same way you do... Once, I finished the baby blanket in the car just before I went to visit the baby... I wouldn't get out of the car until I was done! LOL

Isabelle aka Tricotine

Janet said...

I am the same way as you about visiting a newborn. Although, I don't think too many people do that, as I am always told that they never knew you were to bring a gift. But then, I am an older generation than the ones having babies, but.....

However, if it has been that long since the baby was born, do you think the neighbors think you don't care? Hope not. They will understand when you tell them why :)

Knitcrazy said...

Oh How Pretty.. I started one a long time ago and gave up... But you are almost done.. Good Going.. I love your colors :)


Sandra Knapp said...

With all the pretty colors and the slanted lines going in different directions, no one will know you made even the slightest error. I think your blanket looks just lovey!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. And now I have another one (yours) to add to my growing list of bookmarked blog to check in on every now and then. I love it!

Sandie :)