And Then She Found Me

The Rambling Rows baby blanket is finished, wrapped, and ready to deliver to my neighbors and their first child, a precious daughter. I decided to add a ruffle trim to soften the angles. Doing the final row in purple is a pleasing way to unify the bolder colors with the pastels.

I finished reading And Then She Found Me by Elinor Lipman and truly enjoyed it! There were surprising and unexpected turns in the story along with a good bit of humor. Delightful to read! The description on the back cover says, "April Epner teaches high school Latin, wears flannel jumpers, and is used to having her evenings free. Bernice Graverman brandishes designer labels, favors toad-sized earrings, and hosts her own tacky TV talk show: Bernice G! For 36 years Bernice has followed the life of the daughter she gave up for adoption. Now she's ready to be a mom. And she's hurtling straight for April's quiet little life..."


Don’t ever become so busy that you fail to realize how very happy you are! ---Kathryn Hiller


Beth said...

The baby afghan turned is very pretty! I bet you are glad it's finished. :)

Knitcrazy said...

Love the colors and LOve the Ruffle.. What a great finish...

Let us know how Happy your neighbor is when you give it to her..