Winter Survival Kit

It was a lovely, lovely surprise when we got home from Denver yesterday and found the package from my Swag Swap partner! Yaaay! So fun! My generous partner provided survival items for Lailah and me! Just look at the goodies! Two items are not in the picture, which I'll explain in a bit.

  First of all, I know I'll survive with the darling project bag she sent. The Boxer bag is just precious! Love it! I am sharing the pretzel treats with my DH so everyone in the house is enjoying goodies from my swap partner. I thank her so much! You can see how cute the Boxer puppies calendar is--so sweet. She also sent a cute metal button that says "Keep calm & Hug a Boxer" which I stuck on the cork board in the kitchen. In addition to the set of raw hide chews, Lailah received this:

See it there? The red thing, yes, that's it. Guess who loves it and carries it all through the house and outdoors? If you guessed me, you're wrong! ;)  It is a clever toy for an adult dog--a goofy looking dog cover that has an empty water bottle in it. You know that loud crinkling sound the plastic bottle makes when you squeeze it? Like when you're in a meeting and the bottle loudly crunches and you try to slide under the table? Yep, that sound. Add a squeaker to that and there it is! Lailah thinks it's great! I love watching her play with it.

Sincere thanks  to my swap partner on Ravelry Swag Swap.

Oh.....have you heard about the Super Bowl?? Here's what you need to say

GOoooooo Broncos!!!

(Full diclosure: two of my former students are affiliated with the Bronco organization--one is a scout, the other is a player.  WOOT-WOOT!)

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