Another Prayer Shawl

I finished another prayer shawl for our church ministry through the Care Committee. This is a simple pattern called "Anna's Shawl". I did change the stitch work a bit to speed the process. The pattern is written in single crochet for the main part. I went from single to half double to double for the black part. I used Bucilla Melody, an old yarn, which is a mohair blend. My project page is here.

 It is one of my least favorite shawls, I think because of the yarn and the colors. A neighbor gave me this yarn a couple of years ago. Someone had given it to her sister long ago. Sounds like it was passed from person to person over the years, so I decided it most certainly needed some hooky love. I hope it will bless someone in need of prayers and comfort.


Mereknits said...

I think it is beautiful. I would have changed to a bigger stitch myself, helps with the drape and the quickness of the project.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

I like your shawl. During my medical adventure of last summer my son's mother-in-law gave me a prayer blanket -- similar sort of item and I found it to be quite comforting. This is a good ministry and I am sure that your shawl, with the passed around yarn, will find just the home it needs and it will be welcomed.