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 From Reading Jackie by William Kuhn:
"Miss Porter's School is a college prep school for girls arranged in a dozen historic houses on either side of a two-lane highway running through Farmington, a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut. Most of the girls are boarders, but a few are day students from the neighborhood."
 "Much of her work at Viking had been with Bryan Holme and Studio Books division, which specialized in large-format illustrated books. Jackie was friends with the ballet critic Francis Mason when he was also the assistant director of the Morgan Library."

What are you reading?


Michelle Reed said...

She's a force to be reckoned with, that Jackie O ♥

JC Jones said...

What an interesting book. It is one I would like to read. Click here to go to Mixed Book Bag

Elizabeth said...

THANKS for sharing...I love books about Jackie.

Will be looking forward to your review.

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