The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of DreamsThe Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those I-finished-it-because-I-started-it books. It was interesting enough, yet I tired of the repeated and quite elaborate descriptions of places, things,and people. It was very appealling initially, but the volume of unecessary words grew and billowed and became completely out of proportion for this reader. The story lines are clever and appealing, so if you don't mind repetition and like a decent story, this may be the book for you.

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My 2013 reading wap-up on Goodreads says that I read 63 books this year, which is fewer than the 65 books in 2012. 2014? One book. ;) I don't set reading goals, just enjoy reading. However, it is interesting to review the year to see what I've read. Oh, the book with most pages in 2013 --and one that I relished--is The Queen Mother:The Official Biography by William Shawcross at 1,120 pages.

Do you set reading goals and join challenges?


Lindsey said...

I do set reading goals, although only for the past few years. It's fun to see how many books I read and if I read different kinds of books in different years.

I'm sorry this book didn't work for you...

Kristen said...

I aim a bit higher, 300, but haven't hit it yet. I got close this year with 270 books. I also read a lot of shorter books.

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Anonymous said...

I have previously set myself reading goals when it comes to a yearly book count - however I haven't this year. I will be recording the books I read throughout the year on Goodreads though. It'll still be interesting to see how many I read I think.
Better luck with your next read!
Bits & Bobs

The Brunette Librarian said...

I read fewer books in 2013 too :( 2014 has gotta be better!!

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Doris said...

I try not to set reading goals anymore because then I'm just rushing and I'd rather take my time reading a book you know. But thats just me =)

Happy Reading <3
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Doris @ OABR

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

You read a book with 1120 pages? I dont thin I have ever done that.. what is Harry Potter... 800? Going to check :)

Maria at inredningsvis said...

It looks GREAT :) I hope you had a great Christmas holiday dear.

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Have a fab day

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