Audition: A MemoirAudition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The biggest surprise in this book is the poor writing. It reads like a dictation, including parenthetical phrases which are quite distracting. The sentence fragments and chit-chatty voice in some sections contrast unnaturally with the more formal phrasing in other parts of the book. I find it difficult to follow her unscripted speaking, quite apart from her speech problems and clenched jaw delivery. Unfortunately, this books appears to written in the same way she speaks, often interrupting herself to wander to another topic and asking for forgiveness for saying over-worked and trite expressions. It is quite distracting to come to sentences like "But that is not the story I want to tell you. This is the story I want to tell you." That's an approximation of what she wrote, however it feels like a clunker as one is reading.

There are many pictures of Barbara in the book and on the back cover of the jacket--many, many pictures of Barbara. It's not surprising from an author who has truly put the ME! in "memoir".

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