I May Be Crazy...But I'm Havin' Fun!

 I am having oodles of fun with this crazy knit ghan! What a whimsical, free experience it is to play with yarn textures, colors, and combinations without a pattern! Thing 4 is growing!
 And, what a lovely neighbor to have! Rowan Summer Tweed held in a single strand for a grassy stockinette. Love the nubby texture, which ,sadly, is not apparent in this picture. One side is angled by decreasing on one side on every knit row for a touch of shaping. A bit of 3x3 rib is popped on top of that!

The lovely rib has a bit of sparkling gold threads amongst the chocolate fiber of Louisa Harding "Jasmine" knitted with double strands. A rectangle of double stranded garter jumps off of one end in DK weight. And, what is growing from the garter section?
 More sparkle in Louisa Hardig "Glisten" held with a neutral Rowan "purelife" for a fine stockinette bit.

And there you have the recent bit of craziness in this long-term project. Though, I must admit, I do feel compelled to pick it up and add a bit more when I should do more pressing things. I am so anxious to get to the embroidery and embellishment!! Myra Wood's voice rings in my mind telling me to do that last. Do you know how far "last" seems from now? Ah well, I will follow the voice of the Queen and attempt to go about this with some dimension of order since the rest of this project is so free-wheeling. Did I mention that I love the process? Love. It.




Yvonne said...

I really want to learn to knit. It looks like so much fun.

ButtonMad said...

you may be crazy we know we are mad (mad about buttons) but as you say as long as its fun! cool post ;-) cheers