Yarn Along Wednesday

 A perfect combination for me, books and yarn, hence the blog name! The yarn I am reading is Audition, a memoir by Barbara Walters. The yarn I am knitting is "Marble Chunky" by James C. Brett that I bought at STITCHES West. The pattern is a ripple wrap from Bernat for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church.
The nose belongs to the resident inspector of all things, Lailah. Upon her approval, I snapped the pic and caught a bit of her too. She, of course, is essential to anything I do!

What are you reading and knitting/crocheting?


Mama Zen said...

I really want to read Audition. I admire Barbara Walters so much.

SusanB-knits said...

Cute picture with Lailah!
I am reading "Treachery in Death" by J D Robb. And I'm working on scarves (yes, multiple)