Yarn Along Wednesday ~ unTied

I am yarning along on Thing 4 for my crazy quilt afghan and reading a memoir by Meredith Baxter, unTIED. Reading this book is a dream compared to the memoir by Barbara Walters. Miss Baxter's life story is quite surprising with a flowing writing style that makes it an I-can't-put-it-down book.
 The lace part of Thing 4 is a simple repeat using Bernat Satin yarn and size 8s. I knitted three rows of stockinette K3, yo, k2tog, repeat across row to the last three sts. K3 sts. Maintaining stockinette throughout, do four rows and repeat lace pattern. After blocking the lace, I started a stockinette triangle on one side of the lace using Rowan Summer Tweed in a mossy green, beautiful-beautiful yarn. I decided on straight stockinette to show the gorgeous texture of the yarn, which I will embellish later. I am decreasing with k2tog on the knit rows to make an isosceles triangle.

Phoenix is a beautiful place to be! This majestic saguaro stands in Scottsdale, though we've been in Phoenix this week after our five-day stay in Scottsdale. Tomorrow we will be off to Sedona.
Wherever we are, I continue to YARN ALONG!


embracingitall said...

The pattern in your knitting is quite lovely. I'm sure your afghan will be gorgeous once finished. Enjoy your escape to warmer places. The saguaro certainly is impressive. Enjoy the sunshine. Jacinta

Megan said...

The colors you're using totally match the landscape - how neat!

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful picture of Scottsdale!
I'll have to check out the book unTied.