Microfiction Monday #57

"Yes! I'll wear the poncho & scarf, but I'm leaving the man-bag at home!" he shouted, rushing to find his magic stick. Soon he was strumming & singing Mi Rancho Grande.


libithina said...

what a guy !! and what a voice too ~ Bravo Bravo ~
resounds in echoes bouncing from cacti to another ~ his fame spread through all the sands & dunes ~ with his great tunes ~ there could be no other ~ swoons :)
water, quick before I fade ~
:) with the vapours

Peggy said...

So Poncho doesn't like the man bag.
How about

Peggy said...

I'm sorry, I didn't finish my comment and then it was gone.

No man bag for this macho hombre,
so good!

Dianne said...

the man bag!! that's priceless

I love the pups in your header photo :)

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

very funny, great post. I guess he decided to take his high boots too, haha.

Vicki Munn said...

if he left his man bag at home, where is he carrying his coins? probably in his boots i suppose....
i like it!

Nessa said...

A man has got to draw the line some where. Very funny.

sylviamorice said...

I think he made the right decision to leave his 'man bag' at home...would have been too 'over the top', instead of perfect! LOL. Great job this week.

Pat said...

Often, a man-bag holds a laptop. He's definitely a rugged singing individualist, eschewing his computer for an adventure singing in the desert! Excellent and unique!

fiction-books said...

Hello Pooch,

You mean they managed to get him into a pastel coloured poncho, thigh length leather boots, make-up a 'goth' would die for AND THEN, he refuses to carry a man bag!!!!
Your lines really gave me an early morning chuckle