Microfiction Monday #57

"Yes! I'll wear the poncho & scarf, but I'm leaving the man-bag at home!" he shouted, rushing to find his magic stick. Soon he was strumming & singing Mi Rancho Grande.


libithina said...

what a guy !! and what a voice too ~ Bravo Bravo ~
resounds in echoes bouncing from cacti to another ~ his fame spread through all the sands & dunes ~ with his great tunes ~ there could be no other ~ swoons :)
water, quick before I fade ~
:) with the vapours

Peggy said...

So Poncho doesn't like the man bag.
How about

Peggy said...

I'm sorry, I didn't finish my comment and then it was gone.

No man bag for this macho hombre,
so good!

Dianne said...

the man bag!! that's priceless

I love the pups in your header photo :)

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

very funny, great post. I guess he decided to take his high boots too, haha.

Anonymous said...

if he left his man bag at home, where is he carrying his coins? probably in his boots i suppose....
i like it!

Nessa said...

A man has got to draw the line some where. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

I think he made the right decision to leave his 'man bag' at home...would have been too 'over the top', instead of perfect! LOL. Great job this week.

Pat said...

Often, a man-bag holds a laptop. He's definitely a rugged singing individualist, eschewing his computer for an adventure singing in the desert! Excellent and unique!

fiction-books said...

Hello Pooch,

You mean they managed to get him into a pastel coloured poncho, thigh length leather boots, make-up a 'goth' would die for AND THEN, he refuses to carry a man bag!!!!
Your lines really gave me an early morning chuckle