Deconstructing the Mitered Squares Afghan

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 As I mentioned in this post, , I was disppointed in my Mitered Squares ghan. There are knitting errors in it. I do not like the way its laid out. It is too small. So, why did I add the border? Why did I block it? It was the lure of the FO. The almighty FO was so near, within reach. I could smell it, feel it, taste it, see it, knit it!! So, I did! (Did you notice that I omitted hear it? Just checking.)
It was not worthy of 8-yr-old DGS (age approximate)*. I absolutely could not bring myself to give that ghan to him, even though he has been waiting so long. A couple of snips and tugs and the border was off. Now I am dismantling and rearranging the small squares, ripping and correctly knitting. Did I mention ripping? And, knitting?
Lesson Learned: I truly finish the ends quite well!! Had a heck of a time finding them!! Small victories, dear reader, small victories.

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*I have seven grands, a few of them are quite close in age. I usually don't feel like doing the math.


Anastacia said...

I have such a love hate relationship with mitered squares, but I don't mind the garter versions quite so much.

Here from FOF!

Beth said...

Awww! What a bummer, but I always say if you've learned something along the way, it's all worth it. Actually; this weekend I was quoted as saying something stupid like, "If I'm not learnin', I'm burnin'" I think I'll run with that one :-) Thanks for linking up to Fibers on Friday and displaying my button so loudly and proudly!!