On A Sunday Afternoon

Finished some mindless knitting here, although I celebrate every FO! "Mindless knitting" makes it sound negligible, doesn't it? Since I typically knit large projects, the smaller ones are pieces of excitement for me!! I'm so easily pleased---har-har! This face cloth is at It is the Simple Ridge Dishcloth, though I am using it as a face cloth. I knit it in the thin strand chenille that has been living among us for the past few years. I don't even recall what I used the rest of it to make!! I bought it about 4-5 years ago. It's perfect for a facecloth. Next one will be the eyelet face cloth that is in the pic with this one at the Bernat web site.
As for the large project, the Whirled Map ghan, moving northward, exited New Zealand and am now creating Australia!

Looky here! These are proposed Christmas stamps for 2007! Knitted Christmas designs a la Christmas stocking images. These are posted at Each one is SO cute!

Finished the John Miller book, Judi Dench With a Crack in Her Voice, and am left yearning for a biography of her written by someone who is not a good friend of hers. It was tiresome reading for 3/4 of the tome which primarily consisted of the author quoting review after review after review of her impressive work on the stage, TV, and movies. He did however intimate that our Dame Judi knows how to have a good time. Alas, no stories about that! Single until her 35th year, there must be many, many tales of having good times with the impish, fun-loving Judi!! That would be a laugh to read!
I noted a few scribblings in my journal that I especially liked in this book:
  1. Script learning had to be DLP (dead letter perfect) This mainly refers to Shakespearean plays.
  2. Page 88 refers to fashion and manners "...the elegant attitudes...of the days before youth-worship put elegance out of circulation." When I think elegance, I think Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
  3. After the pilot's announcement before take-off, Judi's regular "prayer" is "We are in God's hands, Brother, not in theirs."
The last two chapters are the most interesting of the book because they do deal with her personal life---her husband Michael and their daughter Finty. The writing for most of the book suggests that she never left the stage! In between, ones sees that she is beloved, has great humility, likes to drink, party, play games and had many suitors. This sanitized story of a great actress and grand lady leaves me wanting more!!

The first duty of love is to listen. --Paul Tillich

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Yvette said...

Hi there Pooch - you left a comment on my blog and I wanted to reply -but alas no contact address!!

You asked who gets my baby knits - well they go to the homeless and abused babies in my state of Queensland, Australia. I also give a lot to local and internet friends who have new grand babies, or if they hear of someone near them who is having a baby and has very little money to buy baby things. So some of my things are in Canada, America, and England. I live in sub tropicalBrisbane, and therefore have very little need to knit sweaters etc for my family - who would wear them?? I don't even own an overcoat!!

Your dishcloth has just given me an inspiration for a stitch to use for one. It it very reminiscent of the Little Lamb stitch in the Precious Layettes booklet by Leisure Arts.

I love that you read alot -my husband and I both get 12 books each out of the library every two weeks or so - and we read each others!!! My tastesin reading are Catholic - and as Judi Dench is one of my favourite actresses in the whole wide world I shall definitely be requesting this one from my library! But like you - I do expect a bit more interest of the personal nature in a biog.

Take care

with love